Training Programs

Beginner Training Programs

    The Beginner Training Program is intended for someone who hasn't run before. In this phase of your running you're going to need discipline to stay focused and on track. Having a running partner or a target is helpful. I started with a plan to run a short relay leg with a group as part of a 2011 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Relay Team. When the team didn't make I quickly committed to run the half-marathon. 

Getting off the couch   
  Following is the break down of the training program by column. First column represents week of training and the second column is weeks to first event. The next 7 represents the day of the week and provides the length of run and number of times to run the distance. It also shows rest days. The Total column is total for the week and the Cumm is a running total.  It's recommended that you maintain both an annual total and total back to day 1. Once you start tracking totals it really drives you to not miss your next run. The last columns represent the high an low weights when stepping on the scale during the week. Over the first 7 weeks it shows a drop of 3 pounds. For more on dieting and carb control check out the MyCarbBuster site.
Great confidence builder!

First 7 week training period for Beginner Runner
     Now that you have a plan to work with it's time to get started. You can take your life back from the monster within. Today is your Day One! 

Committing to your first half marathon

    Once I was able to run for more than a minute, I put together a training plan for my first timed even. It turned out to be the Oklahoma City Half Marathon. So, after only 12 weeks I put the beginner training program together with the following Half Marathon Training Program and found myself headed down town for the Oklahoma City Half Marathon. Never been around a marathon before so I just kind of slipped into the very back of the corral, hoping this out of place 56 year old wouldn't be noticed.   
    Once the gun went off it took me about 10 minutes to get to the starting line. From that point on I have been addicted. Around 2 hours later I completed my first event and haven't stopped running since. Nothing gets my adrenalin going like the start of a large event or seeing that clock over the top of a finish line, as you run through the crowd. It's, as if you are special, even though it's only for a few moments in time. 
   I hope, if your considering your first event it goes as well as mine and somehow this Half Marathon Training Program gives you some ideas how to get to your first even.

Half Marathon Training Program
Training Schedule For My First Full Marathon 

    After a half marathon I was hooked and had to sign up for my first full marathon. I still had many thing to work our related to shoes, gear and just plain how to run, but I did it anyway. Following is the 18 week schedule I used to train. 

First Full Marathon Training Program

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