Running Tips

Running tips are intended to give you some of my lessons learned over the last few years.  Hopefully, you can avoid mine and take a minute to share yours.

Importance of Head Gear
    April 2, 2015 - It's important to always wear a hat and not for the reasons your thinking. Especially when running in a park or sidewalk that runs under trees. You never know when that bird in the tree will time things just right and bomb away. Some people say that when bird droppings hit you; it's good luck. I'm not sure about that, but you have to take it with a smile and keep on trucking. I guess that's what it means to "run until it gets interesting" but don't forget your hat.

Take Care of Those Sensitive Areas
    2011 Oklahoma City Half Marathon - Chafing is a subject nobody wants to discuss. When heading out for a really long run you make want to address those sensitive areas up front. There's several special running lotions on the market. However, for me it's just plan old 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly. Those last few miles are going to be rough, don't let them be painful, you can avoid this one with a little up front care. 

Pre-Race Rain Gear
    A 30 gallon trash bag makes great rain gear while waiting for a marathon run. It blocks the rain and wind to keep you from shivering as your pre-race adrenalin builds. On top of that, right before the run or after about a mile, once your warm up, you can play the Incredible Hulk. That is do the shredding  cloths thing.  Rip off the trash bag with all your might, flex your muscles, scream out loud, build your confidence and kick some butt. All within the first mile of 26.2. Have a great run and don't let the elements put a damper on your run.

Run Out of Time
    2014 Kansas City Waddell & Reed Full Marathon - Working on a new PR at about mile 14 I got the first message from my Garmin Forerunner 10 watch had a dying battery. At mile 22 it went blank. A new Personal Record and I didn't get to review the run on the great Garmin simulation software. Reminder to myself - always charge running watch the night before and event.

Race Day
    2013 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Run - Take a second and double lace your shoes before the run. Re-tying your shoelaces after about 15 miles is a pain. Re-tying your shoelaces after about 24 miles is miserable.  

Just For Fun Category
    March 24, 2015 Earlywine Park - Don't run with you mouth open when the Bradford Pear Trees are dropping millions of little white petals. They look better than they taste.

    Hot Summer Run 2011 - During long runs mix about 4 water drinks with every electrolyte drink. Drinking all electrolytes (Gatorade) must be what it is like being stuck on a raft on the hot pacific and only having ocean salt water

    Winter Run 2015 - It's inevitable, someday you'll need to make and emergency bathroom stop during a long run and there's no paper. Put a little in your running belt, it sure can come in handy. 

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