Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tame the Monster Within

Your Monster Within

    The toughest challenge of running, is taming the Monster Within. You have heard it, that little voice that tells you; you’re too tired to get off the couch, it’s too cold – too hot, your back hurts or not tonight you have other things to do. That voice is pretty demanding and for many of us it rules what we think we can do and at times; can actually control what you allow yourself to do.
    This is the 1st post of 4 to help you kick that monster out of your head and give you control over how active you want to be at whatever you want to do. If you’re interested in; taming the “Monster Within” then click for more.

    Step 1; join forces with the Monster Within. In fact, if you learn to do this well we don’t even need to have the next 3 steps. So, how do you join forces with the Monster Within? Sounds radical and maybe even crazy but go to it for help when things get a little dicey.
    The first time I used my monster in a really good way was at about mile 20 of my first full marathon. I was hurting in the worst way, I found that mysterious wall they talk about, and the 4 hour pacer blew by me like I was standing still. Maybe, that was because I actually was standing still.  So I went to my monster, I took him out of head and put out in front of me with a rope to pull me through the last six grueling miles. I didn't give him and alternative, he went willingly. We didn't focus on what wasn't working at that point, but only on what had to be done.
    After 4 hours and about 26 minutes number 1 full marathon run was in the books and I or maybe we were on our way to being running friends. Point to learn, don’t let the monster tell you what you are going to do. It’s up to you to tell him what the plan is. Oh, he will talk back to you and is the shrewdest of all when the Monster Within tries to convince you, you’re not up to the task. I won’t call us friends, but when we go out to run we have a mutual understanding of who’s in charge.

    Come back next week as we expose different ways the Monster Within will try to get you back to the recliner early or maybe won’t even let you leave the recliner. You can run, but only if you control the Monster Within

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