Thursday, May 28, 2015

Kansas State Fun Run

Kansas State University 

    Getting back and running on Kansas State University Campus after 36 years was an awesome run. Amazing how many new buildings are there now and more amazing how the originals are still standing and looking great. It turned into a 7 mile run; starting from down town motel, through the neighborhood I lived in and around campus. Didn't make it out to the stadium but covered most of my old stomping grounds. Check out the caption at the bottom of the viewing screen for the story behind the pictures. Check out the link to the slide show for Kansas State University fun run. If you get a chance to go back to someplace special in your life, be sure to take advantage of it and enjoy your own fun run. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tame The Monster Within - Step 2

Run with upper body relaxed!

   In Step 1 we addressed the mental side of taking on your monster. That little voice that tries to convince you what you can and can’t do, often times to the point of controlling what you actually do. In Step 2 we’ll take a look at how that monster lurks in your upper body and causes havoc when it doesn’t get its way.  By building anxiety and causing doubt in your ability it creates tension throughout your body. Tension causes your body to work against itself, leading to pain while running and even injury. Come on in and we’ll learn to tame your monster.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tame the Monster Within

Your Monster Within

    The toughest challenge of running, is taming the Monster Within. You have heard it, that little voice that tells you; you’re too tired to get off the couch, it’s too cold – too hot, your back hurts or not tonight you have other things to do. That voice is pretty demanding and for many of us it rules what we think we can do and at times; can actually control what you allow yourself to do.
    This is the 1st post of 4 to help you kick that monster out of your head and give you control over how active you want to be at whatever you want to do. If you’re interested in; taming the “Monster Within” then click for more.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sports Drinks

Choose the right sports drink
    You just got done with an awesome workout or run. Burned 700 calories, great job. Now you go to the refrigerator and grab a sports drink, do you know what your grabbing. Making the wrong choice on sports drinks can undo a large part of what you set out to accomplish with your workout. Lets have a serious discussion on your sports drink and keep you from making a bad choice, after an otherwise perfect workout.  

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Start your day with protein

Perfect Protein Drink
Magic Bullet Blender
Dymatize ISO 100 Whey Protein
Low Carb Protein Drink

    As runners that have yet to reach that perfect BMI (Body Mass Index) we’re always tracking our weight, or at least should be. We face the ongoing challenge of offsetting the carbs that create sandbags around your waste with other, more efficient fuel for our body.  Runners need to provide something our body can use in place of high sugar carbs. That alternative should be some form of protein. It needs to have minimal carbohydrates with a high level of both protein and calcium. I start everyday with this simple blend, please let me share a cup with you and set you up to get started on your daily protein drink.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

First Full Marathon Training Program

First Marathon Medal

    Now that my last blog post talked you into registering for Your First Marathon, you need to hear the rest of the story. It was a lot of hard work getting ready for this run. The good thing was giving myself plenty of time to ramp up. You will need it all. Also, training was just part of it, I still had to learn about the Right Gear, Running Tips for long runs and how to handle hydration and electrolytes. Once I was started on My First Marathon Run, the 2011 Wichita, Ks. Prairie Fire, I knew I was going to finish it, for a first marathon run at 56 that's all that really matters.
   Follow this link to develop you 18 Week Training Program, or design your own from scratch. Either way, you are on the path to the most awesome run of your life. You deserve some hardware, go for it.