Saturday, April 25, 2015

Talk with the Legends

Brooks Party Island
OKC Memorial Marathon
    Until this year I haven't been much of an expo person. Since, I work downtown OKC, it was simply; run over to the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Run Expo, get my bib number, pickup my packet, stop at the T-Shirt table, grab a couple pair new socks and back to work. The whole adventure took about 20 minutes. However, now that I'm spending time on the blog I worked the Expo into my schedule. Two things really stood out that made the extra time well spent.

    It's always nice to see the faces of the legends. I'm not one to get wrapped up in their story. Just like you, I feel running is one thing I'm going to do my way. However, their enthusiasm for running is so real and I just might steel some of their tips for posting.
Brooks Party Island
    The other area that hit home was visiting the vendor reps. Not so much the local vendors, they are just trying to manage the crowd and keep things moving. I'm talking about the representatives that represent the products. There are only a couple of products I'm really sold on, as it worked out 2 of them had representatives on site. 
  As a Brooks fan I had to stop by the Brooks Party Island. The young team did a great job getting people involved with their product. I had to work pretty hard to get a T-shirt from them. They had me give a testimony of why I use Pure Cadence Shoes. It turned out to be pretty easy, I credit my ability to run at 59 years young directly to landing on the right shoe. The first 6 months of running was a disaster; knee problems, toe nails falling off, shins that ached and heels that where pounding. Pure Cadence Shoes saved my running career. Check out the page on Gear
OKC Expo
Brooks Run Happy Island T
& Feetures Elite Socks
    The other vendor representative that stood out was with Feetures. Shoes wasn't my only problem; I was struggling with the old adage, "cotton was best". With socks that couldn't be more wrong. Once, I got into a pair of Feetures Elite I realize just how wrong that was. Check out the post on "Socks go on first". After grabbing 4 new pair of socks, it was time to get back to work, well maybe a little past time. But it was time well spent. 
    Next running event you have, take a little time to enjoy the Expo. You may find something new!

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