Monday, April 27, 2015

Super Seniors Can Run

Oklahoma City
Memorial Marathon
    Yesterday, I had a senior moment. No, not one of those AARP moments but a real, everything came together at the right time type moment. One that makes you feel both young and old at the same time. One that gives you time to think about what is important in your life. One that gives you time to think about what you've accomplished and what you can accomplish. Please let me share this moment with you. 

Gorilla Hill
Oklahoma City Marathon
    For me the 2015 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon was an awesome event. The Lord gave us perfect weather for a morning run. The event was setup and executed perfectly by the organization. The crowd was awesome all along the event route. I love to cheer them on, it really gets the bystanders going when you give them thanks for coming out. Hydration stations were the most enthusiastic I've experienced. Plenty of medical tents along the way and they appeared to have volunteers only, which is a good thing Runners were doing what they do, running.
OKC Marathon
New PR
    I need to mention more about the runners. It was a great group all along the route. First 3 miles was a bit crowded but it's to be expected with thousands running. However, after the half's split off things settled into a steady pace. A pace were you could think about things and visit with runners.
    For me the absolute highlight of the run is meeting up with my wife, daughter and grand kids along the route and having them waiting at the finish line for a quick hand slap and on through. It's awesome to have a group willing to get up at 5:00 in the morning to cheer you on. Thank you guys!
    I need to acknowledge one young lady along the route. As we cleared mile 20 we heard the 3:40 pace runner coming up behind use. We were both suffering from the wall and needed something drive our pace home. I made a simple comment that I wasn't going to let him pass me, she chuckled and said she was thinking the same thing. For the next 6 miles we locked in on an 8:00 pace as we locked step to the finish. Neither was going to allow our new found running partner to fail. As we approached the finish line, we wished each other luck and went on our own paths to celebrate our runs. 
2015 Oklahoma City
Marathon Finish
    Thanks to a young lady I didn't know and will never meet again I was able to carry home a new PR 3:36:56 time. As they say, the Oklahoma City Marathon is a race to remember. Not sure how many I have left at 59 but I'm going to enjoy everyone to its fullest. 
    One thing I've learned, being a senior doesn't keep you from going out and doing awesome things. It's only you're attitude that will keep you from doing those things. Take the first steps today and start living a more active lifestyle.

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