Friday, April 24, 2015

Socks go on first

    When you get into a conversation about running, it seems shoes always come up first. However, a comfortable run starts with the right pair of socks. Could you even imagine lacing up your favorite shoes without socks?  Spend all you want on shoes, but if you haven’t addressed the socks you’re missing the best part.   For me it took a long run, on a cold wet weekend to realize there had to be a better pair of socks. About 4 years ago I found them, I've been hooked ever since. Come on in and check them out!

    It’s kind of become an annual event to add to my sock collection at the Oklahoma City Memorial Expo. They normally run a special of by 3 get 1 free. Putting in over 2000 miles a year training you need plenty of socks, the right socks, believe me.
5 Generations of Feetures Socks
    After making a mistake and going to an alternate brand 2 years ago, I found myself back where I belong.  The Feetures brand is my work horse when it comes to training. Even more important, I've run all 8 of My Marathon Runs using the Feetures brand. After this year I can put the others to good use mowing the lawn.
    This year was actually a little more special. While looking over the options of Feetures socks, the Feetures rep stopped by and helped my work on my selection. Great guy, he gave me a chance to share my blog site info. Bet he didn't expect to get a sales pitch from his customer.
    So, you’re probably thinking what makes a great pair of socks? It takes the right cushion for the contact areas of your foot and provides the perfect compression around you’re insole. It also, has to shed water just as fast as you pick it up and can’t have any bunching around the toes or slip down around the heel. I've lost enough toenails as part of bad fitting socks and shoes. For me the makeup of the Feetures Elite; at 83% iWick nylon, 10% polyester and 7% spandex are the perfect components for a long lasting great pair of socks, they proved it in my training. In fact last October when I ran the Kansas City Marathon and set my latest PR, I went to my sock drawer and grabbing my most dependable pair of socks, my 4 year old ankle top Feetures. What can I say about the ankle tops, I’m old fashioned, guess it’s because I’m old. Hard to say how many training and event miles they have, but they are still my go to pair of socks.
    When I was just a kid of 21, I went to work for John Deere as a test engineer. I was given new equipment before it was introduced to the market and asked to do durability testing on it. I had the perfect job for a young engineer. Actually, I looked at it as; see if I could break it, type testing. Not sure that’s the way the design engineers wanted it, but we worked it out alright. Maybe, now that I’m 59 years young, I can go back to being a test engineer. This time it will be the Feetures brand of sock apparel, cool! If you ever meet the Feetures representative at and expo be sure to let them know, sent you their direction, I need the work or check them out at

    Dreams are what fill the time during long runs!

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