Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Running Outside the Lines

Brooks Pure Grit
    Running outside the lines or off the path is a great way to change your normal training routine. Right from the start it was a wakeup for my brain. My brain actually had to decide where to run versus following the center line of the paved path.

Running Outside the Lines OKC Earlywine Park
    I didn’t realize just how difficult it was to run outside the lines until after the first 1.5 mile lap. The adult on my right shoulder had me running around the outside edge of the path. I was still following the lines. For some reason it was really hard to break the routine. Sometime around the first mile my ankles weren't exactly sure this off road thing was going to work either.
    After the first lap the kid on my left side shoulder convinced me to run diagonal across the park to break the routine. At that point I wasn't even running in a straight line anymore. Imagine me, a 60 old engineer running outside the lines in any direction I wanted. I was in the wild, away from the beaten path, all alone. Actually, I was in the middle of a well mowed city park that was ½ mile square providing a great open area to enjoy. It was mind boggling.
    Oklahoma City had a heavy rain the night before my run and the ground was soaked, with water puddles setting around. Getting rain in OKC is pretty unusual these days and when you do you need to get out and take advantage of a great evening. All of a sudden, I realized the adult on my right shoulder had me running around the water puddles. Well, he explained it to me like this; I had my new Brooks True Grit trail shoes on and he didn't want me to get them wet and dirty.
    However, the kid on my left shoulder reminded me, they were made to get wet and dirty. Next thing I know I’m actually running through the water puddles and enjoying the run. Not sure, but I think my brain may actually have been directing me to the water puddles. Things definitely were getting out of control. Reminder to me; next time running outside the lines after a rain don’t wear your good white running socks.
    Now, I know I’m a little crazy, well maybe a little bit more than a little crazy. People always tell me that when they learn I enjoy running a Marathon. My crazy really became obvious when the adult on my right shoulder realized people were staring at me running outside the lines. However, the kid on my left shoulder reminded me, I was actually having more fun than they were and fun is what a weekly fun run is supposed to be about.
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    According to my legs and ankles it was the toughest workout all week other than my long run. But according to the rest of my body it was an awesome fun run just over 6 miles. Try to take at least one fun run a week outside the lines. You need to breakup your training routine to avoid burnout. Let the kid on your left shoulder take charge for a while.

   Who knows you may find the CarbBuster at a mud run someday. Make sure if you do to say Hi! 

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