Thursday, April 23, 2015

Night before Checklist

    All the training is complete. You've put in the miles 
Night Before
Run Planning
and you’re confident you can do this. Half Marathon on Full Marathon, they’re basically the same when it comes to preparing the night before. A little planning the night before can go a long ways to ensuring a great run experience.

    On the morning of the event there are always people burning up fuel over the anxiety of what they forgot. Don’t be one of them. The pre-event race activity is an awesome time. Soak it up, get the adrenalin flowing and have the run of your life. This is not time for self inflected stress,  that is, if you took care of the details the night before, thought it out and set it out.

First the obvious things;
1. Eat lite – Don’t pack any sand bags to carry along!
2. Early to bed – Even though you may not get any sleep!
3. Alarm – Don’t let yourself get rushed!
4. Hydrate – You’re going to leave it at the Porta Johns, but it sounds good!

Here are a few things to help you build your checklist depending on location and weather of your race event;
5. Hat – Gotta cover that bald spot or hold the pony tail in place
6. Hair band – Not so much for me
7. Sunglasses – Love my Polaroid Sunglasses
8. Jersey – Pick one that is appropriate, cold go dark, hot go light, long or short sleeves
9. Ear Muffs / Band – I really hate cold wind blowing in my ears while I run
10. Bib on Jersey – Photo companies along the route need the bib number on your chest to post your pics
11. Timing Chip – Some are part of the bib, if not most likely need to get it on your shoe laces
12. Shoes – Get the right pair of shoes and bring both of them if you leave in sandals
13. Socks – Dry wick socks with or without compression sleeves
14. Running Belt – Stocked with whatever you need, consider sanitary wipes
15. ID Band – Makes me feel attached to my family while I run / just in case you go down hard
16. Trash Bag – Great to fight the weather while waiting to take off
17. Gloves – For the really cold mornings
18. Old Sweeter – Something to keep you warm and your ok donating when you shed it
19. Post-Race Drink – Something for the road home / I take along a protein drink
20. GPS Watch – Charged, missed this one twice already
21. Cell Phone – Charged, need I say more
22. Camera – Charged, need I say more
23. Check Bag – You picked it up the day before, if you check personals you’ll need it
24. Meds – Asthma or other meds
25. Sun Block – Knock down those rays
26. Lotion / Chaffing – My be important if you plan to walk the next day
27. Phone numbers for help – I had to call for help last OKC Memorial Run
28. Parking – Have a parking plan, not so big in some places but others something to consider
29. Change of Cloths - The ride home or walking around post event is much more enjoyable in fresh socks, sandals and dry T-shirt, maybe and extra jacket

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