Sunday, April 12, 2015

Muskogee Honor Heights Park Spring Run

Muskogee OK
Honor Heights
Park Entrance
    Looking for a challenging run in a great small city location. I found one hidden away in the corner of a small Oklahoma city just south of Tulsa, OK between I-44 and I-40.
    This quaint little city boasts  one of the oldest and prettiest parks in the state. The winding road from the base of the park up to the top look out is an awesome uphill run through a great scenic path. Come on in for the link to this awesome run.

    Make sure your shoelaces are tight for this run.

    The Muskogee Honor Heights Park may be just the place for you. I travel often to Muskogee, OK and every evening after work I head out to the park for a six mile jog. 
    It starts down at the main park around a small lake. After about 1/2 mile you pass the butterfly garden and head to the memorial tree section of the park. With a quick loop you start out on the steep climb through the switch back and up the hill to the top of the lookout. At about 2 miles out you start a down hill run that takes you through the old neighborhood, past the 5 Tribes Indian Museum and VA Hospital. Once at the bottom you circle back and experience it all in reverse. Look out for that down hill section, this is were you don't want to throw a shoe and go skidding out of control. Great view, big challenge, wrapped up in an awesome run.

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