Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weekly Training Dashboard

    Check out the new weekly training dashboard. You’ll find it on the lower right side of the screen. It has current training schedule approaching the Oklahoma City Memorial Full Marathon Event. Get on board, select an event and put together your plan. If you need some help we'll be posting on the Training Program page. Just drop us a comment and we will tune a program just for you. 

    The Weekly Training Dashboard notes the critical elements as we approach my next event. It provides; weeks to next event, the level of work planned for the week, day of week, distance, type of run, location and surface. It also notes what level floor exercise is planned for the week. Currently, there are 5 basic floor exercised that fall into the 100 or 20 repetition category. 
    In the future full details will be provided on a 20 week training program to prep for a full marathon. The Training Program page will also have details to help you develop a daily floor exercise program, track you’re run intensity and keep up with your shoe mileage. Everything you’re training program needs will be posted in the Training Program page for your easy access.

   Looking at my last OKC Marathon in the 55 – 59 age bracket, I know it will be particularly tough competing.  The youngsters in my age group are going to be primed and ready to go. I've got to be in my top form an this is the Training Program I am working with.  From an age group perspective I’m looking forward to moving up to the seniors group next year and hopefully competing for honors.  Take a look at it on the lower right side of page!

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