Monday, March 23, 2015


    After an ice storm rolled through Fort Worth, freezing out the Cowtown Marathon, CarbBuster needed to find a different run to kick off the 2015 season.  With 18 weeks of heavy training it was time for some serious fun.  At the last second the CarbBuster got signed up for the 25K at Lake Hefner as part of the OKC LANDRUNNERS Beacon Run.

    The OKC LANDRUNNERS put on a great run venue. Everything went off perfectly. Despite the low water level at Lake Hefner there was plenty of water stations and post run snacks. The run started at Stars and Stripes going counter clockwise about 7.6 miles around Lake Hefner to the SW corner of the gulf course and back.  Panera Bread provided Bagels and gift certificates for the top finishers. This is clearly a run to put on the 2016 Calendar.
    For the CarbBuster it was a special run. Heading out from the start he quickly picked up his age competition and locked in right behind for the long haul. At the split there was only 4 seconds between the two runners.  Using the turnaround as a kickoff point the CarbBuster flipped his Garmin over to pace and locking onto an 8 minute clip.
    Completing with a 1:01:09 split and a 2:02:37 finish the CarbBuster set a new PR (Personal Record) for a mid-distance run with a 7:54 pace. The 1 of 11 position rewarded him with a $10 gift certificate to Panera Bread. Love their salads, and Panera Bread is the preferred night before marathon dinner.

    Next planned run is O’Connell’s 8 k for Special Olympics. Hope to see you there or at some other venue this summer.

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