Sunday, March 29, 2015

Getting Started for Someone Who Doesn't Run

    The first steps of your first run are the hardest. All runners know the monster within. This first run he will kick up a storm. He will be giving you all the reasons you can't run. For me it was a bad knee, carrying to much weight and always other things that are more important. Start running today by putting that inner monster behind you and click for more. It's up to you to take control of your life.

    For me the first run came at 55 years old. My latest annual physical didn't come out so well. I had started to loose weight coming off my high of 205 lbs. However, the doctor told me I need to do more than just change my diet to control my blood sugar. I had joined millions of others as a pre-diabetic. It was time for me to push the monster aside an develop a plan. If you need additional help dropping the weight check out our sister site MyCarbBuster. There also is a section specific to tracking your BMI (Body Mass Index) as your work towards your perfect running weight. 
    Over the last 4 years my training plan has evolved significantly. I started by just running very short times without stopping. My first training run was only 1 minute long, but it may be my finest minute. My current Personal Record Marathon Run is 3 hrs and 46 min which came at age 58. I'm planing for more PR's. Once I got through the how long I could run phase I began to look at how far I was going to run. It was a major step forward going from minutes to miles. This year my current focus has been on cadence or pace. I'm actually doing long distance speed work. My last 8 k (4.5 miles) pace was 7:20. You will have the same type of success once you get dedicated to a plan.  
    Back to day one. Below is my first week training schedule. I've logged my data in Excel ever since day one. It's really good to be able to go back and see just how far I've come. The actual date for this run was February 14, 2011. At that point I started out with just trying to run 1 minute at a time. I walked for 2 minutes between every 1 minute run. The total for week 1 was only 3 miles. But it was a start!

    If your starting from the recliner it's important to start out slow. This may seem crazy slow but I was moving and working towards a plan. For full details on this first phase of my running program click the Training Schedule link.
    Making a commitment to run is when you start taking on that monster inside of you.  He will come up with every excuse to stay on the recliner. This blog will give you all kinds of information you can you to push the monster back. Please don't let him win. If you give into the monster within you are walking away from a great new and exciting lifestyle. 
    You can do it!

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